Professional Cinematographer/ Editor with an eye for detail and nine years of industry practice. Experienced in RED camera assembly, operation and post production work-flow. Veteran user of Adobe suite software including Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop and more. Familiar to several different film genres and fields of work including action sports, realty, lifestyle, doc, short film, music video and more.

Professional Summary
Dedicated and experienced Videographer Editor with an eye for detail. Comprehensive experience with all aspects of video production and post-production workflow. Proven ability to handle a variety of simultaneous projects and work under high-pressure deadlines. 

-Core Qualifications-
Wide variety of job title history! From location scouting, to casting, pre-production, production, post-production and more.
Strong experience with photography, cinematography, editing and audio recording.
Exceptional expertise in commercial action sports cinematography/ editing & documentary work.
Experience working with multimedia in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, Lightroom and Avid Media Composer. 
Familiarity with graphic design and social web properties
Content Experience: Documentary, commercial, lifestyle, action sports, short films, TV and cinema.
Real World Experience: Worked with professional athletes, musicians, artists, business owners & associates, magazines, websites, co-editors/ videographers, along with other industries filling their media outlet/ content needs.
Proficiency in logging/ organizing content and delivering product to client. 

-Work Experience-
- Professional Videographer/ Editor [2012 - Present] -
Loser Machine (2017)
Edited content for several published commercials/video releases & met critical deadlines for publication. Collaborated directly with the owner to build a satisfactory video (product) on a strict schedule.  Ensured organization of footage and made it easily accessible for company usage. 
Active Ride Shop (2013–Current)
Filmed and edited content for “Park Crashers” segments, commercial work and more. Met deadlines and arrived on time for production. Worked with the company and its riders to make quality videos for internet usage.
The Berrics (2017-Current)
Film and edit content for various segments of the site including short doc and commercial. Worked alongside other filmers and editors to collaboratively deliver a finished product. Use of RED camera and post production workflow.
Redbull (2018)
Worked with Redbull Europe on a “Check Out” segment for their site. Scheduled dates and locations allocating enough time for post work to publishing date. Followed specific guidelines/ specs for ingestion criteria/ airing and different social platforms. 
Nike (2018)
Produced, directed, filmed and edited a series with Guy Mariano, Trevor Colden, and Nike content/ video managers. Projects consisted of several commercial campaign videos for their Fall 2018 shoe release. 
Grizzly Griptape (2019)
Worked with brand to create three commercial videos promoting Boo Johnson’s 2019 ‘Splatter’ collection release. Worked with the athlete to create a quality video by branding various aspects of the collection. 
RIP N’ DIP (2018 – Current) 
Collaborated with the brand owner on several different styles of projects; including event, concert, product commercials for web/ social media, and most recently shot their 2018 catalogue.
NHS (2019 – current)
Creating doc-style commercial, meeting several different platforms of ingestion criteria. Shot photo, video, and edited a five minute video branding new product releases and supplied distribution outlet with multiple videos all  meeting a complex variety of ingestion criteria/ web properties.  

Woodward West (2013-2016)
Edited content for several different styles of video segments including contest montage, profile piece, etc. Met deadlines for web content. Utilized time management skills and shown ability handle multiple projects simultaneously, ensured organization of footage and made it easily accessible for company usage. 

Brooks Institute of Photography (2014-2016)
Majored in Journalism, studied documentary videography/ photography. Acquired skills needed to operate wide variety of equipment, work on set and in post-production with multiple crew members to  create quality projects meeting a deadline.

Columbia College Hollywood (2016-current)
Majored in Cinema and Television with an emphasis in editing. Studied commercial cinematography and post production editing workflow. Acquired further skills to bring employer and product manufacturers quality commercial videos  

NHS dist:
Trevar Cushing:
cell: 1-(814)-952-0282

The Berrics:
 Mike Burgess
cell: 1-(484)-410-1468
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